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Writing Will Never Make You Rich

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For a 13-year-old like me, who writes, I ‘may’ achieve financial freedom by the time I turn 25.

But for you, it’s not the case. Writing alone will never make you rich.

You are under the illusion that you are earning a decent amount of money. But you’re wrong.

You have to work your ass off to get your articles out every day.

But what do you earn from them?10? 50? or maybe 100 bucks.

But that’s not a fair amount when you have to work hard every day to earn them.

Isn’t it less than the minimum wage?

You might think you will progress gradually. But if your views go down because you didn’t publish one day then you’re in the wrong place

I’m sad to announce that but….

You are not a writer. You are a daily wage worker.

And now, you need to change your perception and read this article.

Here are ways to achieve financial freedom as a writer.

1. Build an Audience

To be a good writer, you have to be a good marketer

— Someone on Medium

If you want to play a long-term game, you have two options.

1. Get curated.


2. Write about evergreen topics and build a huge mailing list.

I will go for the second one. Curation takes a lot of time, and I’ve to go to school for eight hours.

I only get to live my personal life for two hours a day. And I don’t want to lose it too.

How to build a mailing list?

There are many ways of building a mailing list. The first one is through blogging.

And we all know it.

But I’m talking about expanding it by creating a youtube channel, and Instagram and Facebook theme pages.

You can get a variety of people reading your articles through these channels.

And also, you don’t have to get curated or go viral on youtube to make a loyal audience.

In beginning, you can upload videos about solving a specific problem.

And once your audience finds you. They will follow you.

You can ask them to join your mailing list, and some of them will join, but most of them won’t.

It’s not your fault. People are so much overstimulated by the information on the internet that they start to procrastinate to click even a few buttons.

Don’t worry! Most of your viewers love you the same way as your email subscriber, but they are lazy to subscribe to your newsletter.

But if you give them a strong and urgent reason to subscribe, then most of them will.

But anyways, you still have an audience waiting for you there.

So, when you launch your next ebook, announce it everywhere.

Most of them will buy it.

2. Committed Buyers

Start paid subscriptions instead of selling individual products.

Because they compound over time.

It’s because old subscribers don’t leave till you keep them happy, and new ones are always coming.

Subscriptions come in many forms, newsletters, in-app purchases on Android apps, and even email courses.

You can try all of them. But you need some coding skills for making Android apps.

Don’t worry! you can learn app development on Coursera and edx for free.

You can make an app that helps people in your niche work efficiently.

Like for Medium Bloggers, there is the “Enhanced Medium Stats” extension on Chrome. It helps people to get more information about their stats.

You can create the same kind of tool for your targeted audience on a mobile phone

3. Affiliates and dropshipping

This is overlooked a lot. But it has a lot of potential when done right.

It’s a copy-paste business model, which works efficiently when you have an audience.

I won’t waste your time on this because you already know what they are.

But here is a new way to think about them.

Instead of directly selling through affiliates, you can generate coupon codes and give them to your email subscriber to shop on different websites.

They feel rewarded, and you do not look like spam.

So, they will click on it.

4. One-On-One Consulting

Every writer should do this. Well, this is why most people start to blog.

They want to build a personal brand and get work from clients.

Now that you finally have an audience, why you don’t start coaching them on their journey.

You can charge them a handful amount of money.

The best part is they will refer you to more people. So you will start getting more and more work.

That’s how a personal brand works.

That’s all for now.

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