They Banned My PayPal Account

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Sorry, if this is too much. I don’t know what I should say now. I was the one who didn’t read their terms and conditions. And, I regret it. I’m heartbroken. I’ve lost the most important thing in my life, the trust of my parents.

I’ll have to pay Paypal 30$ for a high volume dispute fee on each case charged against my Paypal Account.

The payments from tips haven’t even reached me yet, they’re still processing them. So, I have 0$ for now. I earned nothing, but I’m going to lose 2,398 INR.

My parents already thought that people, who are sending me money, are doing scams. Now, it’s confirmed to them.

Because of this, I’ll never be even allowed to come on the internet ever again.

I’m feeling suicidal, or at least not less than that.

I don’t know what I should do now. I’m standing on the brink of life and death.

30$ means a lot to my parents. My dad earns 518$ a month.

I’m from a third-world country with my future destined for your mediocre 9–5 job.

I knew this from the beginning.

And that’s the reason I always wanted to go to study abroad.

But my parents aren’t sufficient to even send me to a decent college in a metropolitan city in India.

And I don’t blame them.

But as soon as I understood this, I knew I had to do something on my own to get the life I always wanted.

Even to get a job that pays around 500$/month, I’ll have to compete with hundreds of thousands of other students applying for the same job.

My future was in dark. I’ve always wanted to study at Harvard.

I always score more than 95% marks, but they aren’t enough. Even to get into a decent college like D.U., I need 98% in high school board exams.

But the fee of Harvard is out of my league.

I thought by starting to create content I’ll not only build a good-looking application for Harvard, but also I could earn money to save for my fee.

That was the real reason I started doing even anything other than studying.

But guess what? — I’m not destined to earn money or to even live the life I have ever wanted.

Every time, when I try to come up with a new idea to monetize my audience, I always face issues with payment options.

This time I thought the universe is in my favor. But maybe, I was wrong.

Paypal sent me an email that they have noticed unusual activities on my account.

They told me to submit a Photo ID of the account holder and the link to the website of where I receive payments.

I uploaded the documents and sent them a link to Ko-fi Page.

On my Ko-fi page, they noticed that I was a ‘kid.’ Then, they permanently banned my account. Even though, the account was of my mom.

PayPal Account Ban Email
Screenshot by the Author

I found out this when I read their user agreement. I know it was completely my fault.

But, I needed to tell you this as a last goodbye message.

I don’t think after losing their money online my parents will ever allow me to come back on the internet again.

So, I won’t write anymore. But don’t worry, you’ll still get my ebook, but this time, it will be free for all.

That’s the good side.

I also want to thank you all for everything.

Thank you from bottom of my heart.

I love you.

Thank you for making my life awesome. This is the place where you accepted me the way I’m.

You cared for my dreams so much that you spent your hard-earned money on my 100$ dollar mic.

And special thanks to those, who keep motivating me to wake up and write every day.

I love you all.

The tears that are coming down from my eyes as I write this down aren’t of despair.

But it’s the love that has nowhere to go now. It’s the love you gave me.

Thank you so much for it.

Also, I thought we’ll be celebrating my 100 newsletter subscribers milestone together. So, I want to thank you for it.

Substack Newsletter Dashboard (Subscribers)
Screenshot by the Author

Also, I don’t think I’ll be able to continue Creator’s Hunt Podcast as well if my parents do not allow me to be on the internet.

Even though I’ll try my best to convince my parents, I’m sure they won’t agree.

Because I’ve lost the most difficult-to-earn thing in life — Trust.

I’m currently uncertain about the future.

I don’t have any legal assistance. I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

I don’t know how I’m going to continue this blog and our podcast.

Accept this as my last and final goodbye.

And also, if I don’t continue my podcast, I’ll send your tips back to you after I get them into my parent’s bank account.

Thank you for your support.


Image by the Author

With Love,
Little Lucas



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