Medium Vs Exams: Which One Will I Choose?

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Hi friends, it’s me again. As you all know it’s the end of September, so my half-yearly exams are going on. I’m currently studying in 9th grade. Physics flies over my head, but I stick to it anyways.

Today I got some free time, so I decided to give my readers an update.

And also, maintain consistency.

But this article also has an important announcement about my Medium course. So, stick to it until the end.

I will keep it short and simple.

My exams will end on the 1st of October. Until then, I will publish only two articles to maintain my reach on Medium and to give my mind some good sleep before writing exams.

So, my next article will be published on the same day, in which I will share my programming journey as a 13-year-old.

Also, I have an important announcement for you.

The Announcement

If you want to get a pre-release version of my Medium course, you can subscribe to my substack newsletter till the 30th of September.

After the 30th of September, I will remove all the CTA’s from my articles from where you can subscribe to my newsletter and get my course for FREE.

Once you have subscribed to my newsletter, I will send you my headline exercise + writing exercise template, and one chapter of my ebook daily.

After you’ve gone through them, you will send me your feedback about what else you want to know about the topic like algorithm, engagement, headlines, tools, etc.

I will add them to my final version of this course, which you’ll get for free.

And finally, once you complete the course, you can send me your feedback which I will use as testimonials for my course.

So, now go, and subscribe to my substack newsletter by clicking on this underlined sentence.

That’s all.

How much excited are you for my course launch?

List all the things you want to know about writing, headlines, and Medium in the responses.

I will read them secretly.

Bye, have a great day.



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