I Write For Money — Now Kill Me


In my bio, I’ve clearly mentioned my topics. I write about side hustles, marketing, and writing.

But still, a few exceptionally-exceptional writers do not care to look at it.

Without even reading my articles, they tell me to quit writing on Medium because I write about money.

Some think it’s a shame for me.

They tell me to find a hobby because I do this for money.

But poor fellas don’t know that Indians do not get paid on Medium.

They don’t even read my articles before commenting.

When I wrote this, I meant to encourage writers to market their books the right way.

But then, they give me examples of Stephen King and many others.

Ignoring the fact that this is the 21st century, where any d!ckheaded person, even a 13-year-old like me, can publish a book.

But none of them sell. The answer is simple.

Huge Competition. Zero Marketing Skills.

They ignore the fact that even author like Ryan Holiday, a PR guy, has a youtube channel with more than half a million subscribers.

Every time they ignore the difference in the situation, it makes me cringe hard.

It’s the age of over-stimulation, people swipe things in less than 2 seconds.

It’s hard for an aspiring author to get noticed.

What’s wrong if I’m showing them the right way to do it?

Not everyone has the money to hire an agent.

But everyone has to sell their book in order to earn their daily bread.

And that’s the reason bestsellers are made, not bestwriters.

Yeah, so now let's come to money.

But before that, I’d love to know why your stories are member-only?

You’re writing metered stories knowing that someone who doesn’t have the money to pay you cannot read them.

Isn’t that selfish?

Aren’t you greedy?

Should everyone boycott you?

Here’s the truth everyone wants to run from -

You need to be rich, to say money can’t buy happiness.

You need to be beautiful, to say beauty doesn’t matter.

You need to be intelligent, to say marks doesn't matter.

And it’s science. Let me explain.

This is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Watch it carefully.

Those who are safe, secure, wealthy, handsome, and have a hot girlfriend aren’t happy.

Those who don't have this aren’t happy either.

We want more and more. Our needs and desires will never stop.

This is what Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains.

People who are rich, wealthy, hot, and handsome want to be a saint on Medium.

They want to be a philosopher. They have nothing else to do, so they need self-fulfillment.

And that’s why they think anyone who thinks or talks about money is a piece of shit.

And they have the right to shame, bully them, and make fun of their looks.

It’s easy to tell that these people were born into wealthy families or they must have forgotten their struggles.

Others are just jealous of a 13-year-old having more people reading him than them.

But the most amazing part is that these toxic people exist in a very small fraction.

So keep writing until you’re providing people value.

All over Medium is full of good people.

But the funniest part is that I don’t even earn through Medium because I’m from India.

And they think I write for money. It is just that I have a lot of knowledge about computers and the internet.

And I like learning different ways to make money.

It’s a hobby. I like to help people in my way.

But the best part is that my stories help people in so many ways. They keep me going.

They love me and I won’t stop until I do not receive a mail someday from my readers that I helped them be successful in their online carrier.

In fact, it will fuel my burning desire to make a change.

Thanks for reading.



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