I Quit Medium For Almost 15 Days

Medium Stats
Screenshot by the Author

I was on a Medium hiatus for the last 13 days.

Seemed like the best decision ever, made under the worst circumtences ever.

I had to do my school work, I was running behind the class because I was absent last month for some days. I was struggling to maintain the pace.

Besides, I fell sick for 4 days again. More work to do!

Finally, I’m back again. But I’ve an interesting story to tell.

This might sound like Wattpad fiction, where Medium is the hero, and I’m his girl. But it actually happened.

So, here you go.

Today, I checked my stats.

99+ Notifications

I wasn’t shocked. I get them most of the time.

But when I clicked on it, the list was never-ending. I kept scrolling to the point where my computer froze.

Literally, it almost crashed. I had to restart chrome.

I understood what had happened when I saw the views on my stats, 73k+.

But this isn’t the big news.

Medium Stats
Screenshot by the Author

I got almost 60k views on my single article. People even tipped me for it.

It was a dream come true. I was almost to cry, really. I had been working on this for a long time.

My email subscribers had increased, 80 on Medium and 75 on Substack. My followers went uphill from 1,000 to 2,000+.

Here are a few exciting screenshots -

Screenshot by the Author
Ko-fi Payment Recieved
Screenshot by the Author

I earned my first income through Medium. The happiness was uncontrollable. If you were in front of me, I would have kissed you.

On lips, hips, everywhere I could.

I can still feel that bliss while writing this. Earning your first income is one of the most memorable moments of life ever.

Okay, that was all of my achievements I had to show you.

Now, let's see what I learned from this Medium hiatus.

The first myth I want to break is that curation doesn't make a difference — From my personal experiences, it does. But it depends on the type of headline you write.

Your article is shown to more people, but it’s upon your headline that they click on it.

The headline I wrote for this viral article was controversial as well as triggering for most of you as I used that one word.

I’m not telling you to f&ck your title, maybe it could get you views but you need to learn the art of writing headlines.

You can only do it when you know who your audience is.

Because two of my articles got curated including the one with 60k views, but the second one only got around 665 views.

The reason: The headline was not standing out.

Moral of the story: Curation can get the spotlight on your articles, but making the reader click is your responsibility.

Second, this one is pretty sad.

I didn’t earn anything for writing this article.

As you know I’m from India, Medium Partner Program isn’t available here.

But, I added my Ko-fi page as soon as I got to know about tipping on Medium.

But I got only 8 dollars.

Yes, only 8 dollars for exclusively publishing 2 years of my life online.


But if I could earn, the estimated revenue would be around 1,500 dollars.

For you, it might be very little to nothing. But for me, it could’ve changed my life.

I could buy accessories for my podcast, and a decent PC.

Maybe more people would join me on my podcast if it looked professional, and more people would watch it if the video and audio quality was good.

We would grow fast.

But, the laptop I’m currently using was given to my sister 6 years ago by the state government for scoring 90%+ marks on her high school boards.

It was her win. But she sacrificed it for me.

If it wasn’t for her, I would’ve never even seen one, I know.

But, it doesn’t have much power for editing high-resolution videos, the last one I uploaded was edited online in Canva.

But still, I hope we will improve as we grow.

I could’ve done a lot with such a huge amount of money, but maybe it’s not the right time.

So, I will proceed to go with the flow. I will do more with less.


I don’t think you get curated if you put CTA’s in your article, or even if you do, I just don’t think that it was the right time to do so.

The article I wrote was a heartfelt post, I didn’t even try to use any of my ‘tactics’ to gain traffic. I didn’t expect it to go viral.

I thought only a few hundred people will read it, and then it will be over.

Also, someone’s article was removed from distribution when they put CTA in it after it got curated.

So, I didn't put a CTA.

As a result, I only gained 30 subscribers on my Substack newsletter in the last few days.

But it was worth it.

They were my quality subscribers. My main goal was to get a hundred pre-readers for my upcoming ebook who can later send me feedback.

And by seeing by CTAs, where I mention my upcoming ebook, only people who are interested in my ebook subscribe to my Substack newsletter.

Others want to read my stories directly in their email inbox. So, I don’t consider them my pre-readers.

But anyways, earlier, I used to think I need to write every day and go viral to gain email subscribers.

But I was wrong.

Not posting anything for 13 days, and still gaining email subscribers shows that efforts compound.

Moral of the story: Keep writing, you will get better. And finally, someday you can also take a Medium hiatus and then, brag about it.

That’s all from me, now.

See you soon.

You can tip me here, my goal is to reach 100$ this year, so I can at least buy a good mic for my podcast.

Thank you.



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