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To be honest, even getting a hundred views on Medium is a considerable accomplishment. Medium isn’t like other social platforms where people can swipe after watching a 15-second video. Here, even getting readers to click on your article is a big task.

You’ve to stand out from the rest headlines.

You need to learn to spark an emotion in your readers.

You need to finish everything in one line.

You need to hook your readers in 3 seconds.

It’s tough work to do. But the hardest part is to hook them with your whole article.

If you’re a good writer, you don’t need to worry about hooking your readers. A strong headline, like this one, will do the work.

All you need to do is follow this 3-step formula.

  1. Keep promising in the introduction to generate tension and excitement.
  2. Flood the climax with your actual plot or story.
  3. Give some how-to’s or how-not-to’s in the ending.

However, doing this won’t give you immediate results. Most probably, because you’ll do it wrong.

And I’ve no tips for you to make it right. Everyone starts by doing it wrong.

Also, no one can correct you.

It’s you who will learn it by yourself when you get feedback from your readers in your stats.

Everyone has their different ideal readers and I don’t know yours.

You’ll have to find them yourself and know what they like or not.

You’ll be able to do this when you go and hit that publish button.

Sitting for hours to read my story to make your article perfect will never help you.

Start before you’re ready.

Start improving every day.

Consistency will never help you if you don’t improve. Even now, I feel that the article I published 2 weeks ago is trash.

Not because it was actually trash, but I’m improving every day.

My standards and definition of good change with what I read elsewhere.

So, lesson three — read more, learn more.

But read actual good writing.

Simply because someone has more followers than you doesn’t mean they are better than you.

That’s the only way to go viral and make it big. Follow these tips for 1 month and I promise you will be rocking.

But I have something to share with you to keep you organized and help you guide me through this journey.

It’s a digital course.

Don’t run away.

I’m not here to scam you and snatch your money.

Here’s what I have to offer you -

  1. A 7,000+ words ebook.

2. A Notion template to do headline exercise.

3. A Notion template to improve your writing style and gain confidence as a writer.

Honestly, this course has the only thing I can share with you about Medium in this lifetime. Because it has everything I learned from my journey on Medium as a 13-year-old writer.

A few months ago, I didn’t have the confidence to show my real face and age. I was struggling to get even more than ten views on my articles.

I wasn’t very familiar with Medium. I didn’t even know their guidelines. And wrote some conspiracy articles that I’d to delete later.

I used to research for ten hours just to know more and more about Medium and write better articles.

Our unofficial Medium brand ambassador, Zulie Rane, helped me to get started.

She didn’t come to me in the incarnation of a fairy to sit and write for me or give me a follow back to make me Medium-famous. Even though, none of that would help.

From my experience, I’m telling you that it takes time for every platform to know your audience. But you can fasten the process by being consistent.

This course helps you to stay consistent and improve.

Most people quit writing on Medium within 2–3 weeks because they don’t see any results. Some of them start using follow-for-follow and read-for-read.

But I’ve daddy issues with both of them.

Firstly, when someone checks your account and you appear following two thousand people, it lowers your image and authority as a writer.

Second, read-for-read isn’t permanent. You’ve to submit your article to such clubs and groups each time to get views.

I’ve shared with you my secret strategy to get real engagement, claps and followers guaranteed every time I publish.

But why would you want to learn from me if there’re other established writers teaching the same thing?

To start with, I’ve come from a place of being an expert at nothing but only having a few insecurities about myself.

Most of you must have had at least one job in a particular field, but I don’t.

You at least have proof to show your expertise.

I found my niche, my expertise, and my readers all while I was still publishing.

It wasn’t an overnight success. I was dealing with severe imposter syndrome because I was a 13-year-old.

I’d to overcome many such obstacles and the most specific problems that beginners face.

This course is different from the others because it’s evergreen. It doesn't depend on the algorithm.

It’s different because it’s for those who don’t know where to start and for those, who are struggling to even get noticed.

It’s for those who want to become better at writing, write better headlines, and gain results.

You can get this course for free. All you need is to subscribe to my newsletter here.

I will email it to you as I launch it (in October).

Currently, I have to go edit the draft of the ebook and format it. And also, improve the visuals of my notion template.

Note — Subscribing to my Medium newsletter is not what you need to do. Go to the link given, and leave your email there.

That’s all,

Keep writing and be proud of what you write.




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