Don’t Buy Grammarly! Because I Still Got Curated


No, I’m not here to give another 3 minutes lecture on how Grammarly ruins your voice as a writer.

This article talks about why I didn’t buy Grammarly Premium but still manage to utilize it to the fullest.

And yeah, about our favorite drug, curation.

So, without wasting another 60 words explaining to you, why you should read this article, let’s begin.

1. Typos And Punctuations

You get notified when there are critical spelling errors or typos.

So, no need to worry about that.

You can correct them with a single click.

But those yellow lines are blessings to us.

Even more helpful are the errors that are shown side-by-side on Grammarly’s interface.

Screenshot by the Author

But the only type of errors I care about is correctness and punctuation.

Because both of them play a huge role in recommending your article to the curators.

Also, those ‘incomplete’ sentence makes sense to me when it comes to expressing emotions.

I don’t always follow grammar and its rules, especially when I know that something else makes me express myself more effectively.

That’s the goal of language after all. Isn’t it?

But don’t worry, you’re not cheated. I’ll show you how to solve all Grammarly errors without buying the premium plan.

How To Correct All Errors For Free

If you’re still wanting to be Grammarly’s puppet, I have no objection to you.

You’re free to do whatever you want. But you don’t have to buy Grammarly to remove all grammar errors.

Don’t worry, I’m not telling you to go on a torrent website, and do this-and-that.


Here is how I solve all Grammarly errors without even spending a single buck.

But before we get started.

Let me clarify that this article is for people from third countries who are simply not fulfilled enough to spend 12$ on random online platforms.

Otherwise, a ‘passionate writer’ with a posh lifestyle, come and spit his wisdom in my comment section.

Explaining to me, why I should spend my 10$ on buying some productive tools instead of cringe video games. (Which are almost unrealistic to non-existent to me)

Okay, so here you go -

Search each error on Google

You need to know the problem first to solve it.

So, search the first premium error, you see, on Google.

Learn more about it. Search for its examples.

When you’re finally ready to go, do the exercise.


Skim through the yellow lines

Check if any of them matches the criteria of the error, if yes.

Correct it. If you don’t know how to correct this error, search it on Google.

Repeat the process.

It’s time-consuming.

But it makes your brain exercise. And within a little time span, you’ll automatically identify the errors.

Like I can identify punctuation errors anywhere. Literally. Even in my English teacher’s writings.

It’s funny but true. Then, she has to correct herself in front of the whole class.

But don’t worry, she is genuinely a good teacher. She won’t deduct my marks.

How to get curated without Grammarly?

I’m not sure about this one.

Because this is the first time I got curated.

I have written similar posts before too, but none of them got curated.

The main reason I expect this to happen is the title and the response from the readers.

The title was furious and had an abusive word I was fearing to use.

So maybe, it got sent to the editorial team to review it for removal.

Here is the article I’m talking about -

But guess, what?

I write so well, that even the editors were mourning over my failures.


‘FUCK’ is the way to get curated.

Fuck your title, fuck your article, and fuck your life.

You will get curated for sure.

Trust me! It’s true. Or at least in my case.


That’s all. Bye.

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