Dear Writers, I Gain 10 Email Subscribers a Day

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Forgive me, because I’m bad at choosing images. But I’m 1,000 times better at writing CTAs and persuasive articles. In the last 30 days, I’ve gained 300+ email subscribers on autopilot mode.

I didn’t publish content every day.

The views that I was getting came from a lifestyle article I wrote. But I didn’t put any CTA under that article because it didn’t fit into my niche.

But, all of my other articles had a link to subscribe to my substack newsletter.

As a rule of thumb, I always ensure to only get a few “true” fans into my mailing list who will give me the highest conversion rate when I email them my new digital product.

I firmly believe in trust-based marketing — Here, you give your audience a demo of the value that your product can provide. In simple words, have a blog or social media handle that publishes content in your product’s niche.

You don’t have to talk about your product in every piece of article you write.

Trust-based marketing revolves around the creator, not the product.

People buy your product because of you.

While it’s the opposite in most scenarios, people want to be known for their products. It’s a great goal to accomplish. But again, it’s twenty-twenty-two.

Unless you’re not a son of a billionaire, you won’t just give your money to any random stranger on the internet.

You’ll ensure the value a product can provide you.

But if people are skeptical about Facebook, then why not you?

Trust is everything.

Even “monopolies” can’t play long without trust.

Trust is important. How do you gain it? — Just like sales of your product revolves around you, the trust of your followers revolves around the value you provide them.

In the end, your content reflects what you know, and what you know gives an idea of what your product can be.

But if this article is about newsletters, email subscribers, and writing, why the hell is trust getting in between?

Answer —

It’s the most important part of content creation.

As soon as I knew this, I started sharing lessons from the course I’m working on.

It helped my articles perform even better and gave people an idea about what my course offered them (Even when they didn’t know it was coming soon).

Authenticity is another important part of trust-based marketing.

So, to form a deeper connection with my readers, I share occasional vulnerable posts where I’m gaining more of their trust and telling them more about myself.

In short and simple words, I was working on developing a personal brand.

But the internet loves new labels, so why not give those to them?

Trust-based marketing strategy helps you develop a personal brand.

Finally, I launched a newsletter. The first I knew was to write a call to action message for it. Here’s the one I wrote -

Ebook is now a course with 1 ebook, and 2 notion templates.

Call-to-action (CTA)
Screenshot by the Author

There’s nothing so special here. But even if you skim through my articles, your eyes will notice this at the end for sure.

As a result, this is what I got today.

Substack Stats
Screenshot by the Author

I will explain further.

But here’re the things to keep in mind when writing a CTA -

The best and the only way to get the most out of your CTAs is to write all the benefits the subscribers will get.

Don’t make the mistake of writing down everything in a cluttered paragraph.

Firstly, because this is an overstimulated world where people just want to get things done fast, so, they skip big paragraphs.

Secondly, it creates more friction for someone interested to read your ending message.

And with that here’s our next part of the article.

Reduce Friction

Even some skimming eyeballs tend to read a well-formatted text.

Also when it comes to CTAs, reduce friction.

If possible, try to use the links that don’t redirect users to a different platform.

Reduce your reader’s efforts as much as you can.

But for me, it was important that I only get people who were very much interested in my products, so they can make an effort to give me testimonials.

So, I created some extra friction. Also, I needed subscribers on my substack for the newsletter of my podcast.

So, it’s a double win-win, for me and the subscribers.

Create A List

As I said before, don’t ever make the mistake of writing a cluttered paragraph jammed with words.

No one cares to read it.

At least, not I. Unless I don’t want to stalk your social media accounts because I’ve an internet crush on you.

Seriously. I do it sometimes.

Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Anyways, creating a list of benefits that your readers will get after taking the action makes it easy for them to read as well as increase their chances of subscribing to your newsletter.

It creates urgency. Those two things, formatting and reducing friction, are all you need.

An extra suggestion — Put your most important benefit on top, and if you want to see results faster, offer your subscribers a freebie.

Don’t overdo things.

My last suggestion — Don’t overcomplicate things to look “good.”

Here’s why.

I’m going to give you two versions of my call-to-action. Which one will pick to read?

This one —

Ready to go viral online? Subscribe to my newsletter to get secrets of top creators and earners landed into your inbox dirctly.Advantages:1. Free ebook to all subscribers 🏆
2. No spam emails ✔
3. Only-worth reading stories 💗
What are you waiting for? Subcribe now 🎯

or, this one —

Ready to go viral online? Subscribe to my newsletter to get the secrets of top creators and earners landed in your inbox directly.


1. Free upcoming ebook to all subscribers.

2. No spam emails.

3. Only-worth reading stories.

What are you waiting for? Subscribe now.

Which one is easier to read?

That was all I had to share with you today.

In one line, here’s what you need to focus on —

Friction (Efforts), Readability, And Urgency.

That’s all.


Should I put the CTA again or you will subscribe to my newsletter from the above?

Oh, wait.

Reduce friction.

So, here it is —

Ready to go viral online? Subscribe to my newsletter to get the secrets of top creators and earners landed in your inbox directly.


1. Free upcoming ebook to all subscribers.

2. No spam emails.

3. Only-worth reading stories.

What are you waiting for? Subscribe now.



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